Honey: The different types depending on the blossoms of plants during the current year shall be determined with precision "pollen analysis".


1) Rape honey - early spring with white creamy texture. Consumption is reduced levels of bad cholesterol in the human body.


2)Acacia honey - Lightweight and unobtrusive taste with aromas of acacia. Can be recognized in the clear and transparent color with greeny shade, usually in liquid form. Suitable for young children and people with diabetes. Recommended for: insomnia, gastrointestinal, kidney and gall bladder.


3) linden honey -From light to dark yellow color with characteristic aroma of lime. The content of lime pollen determine the time of crystallisation of honey. Consequently, this honey can be found in liquid or crystallized form. Recommended for: airway inflammation, as well as cardiac problems.


4) Honey "Thistle" - creamy white with fine crystalline structure. Recommended for: prostate problems and also for cardiac problems.


5) Thymus honey - from light to reddish brown with a distinctive flavor of trymus. Characteristic of flying over the area of ​​our colonies. Recommended for: erratic blood pressure, sleep problems, anxiety and restlessness.


6) Herbal honey - rich in various kinds of pollen Corncrake establishing the various shades of yellow color. Rich in flavor with a gentle uniform crystallization. Recommended for: liver, kidney and gall-gynecological problems. Favorable effect on cough, palpitations and nervousness.


7)Honeydew honey-herb - A variety of herbs and flowers in the fall of manna, leads to enrichment of honeydew honey with typical herb pollen. This honey is combined effectiveness of the minerals and enzymes in mana and herbal vitamins in pollen.


8) July bouquet - typical for the area of ​​our second apiary. Rich heather Komuniga, white clover, thistle and vetches. Light creamy yellow with a slight subtle fragrance. Recommended for daily use with prophylactic effect.



Secondary bee products: Pollen,Propoli,Perga,Royal jelly,Wax,apilarnil,A mixture of honey,propolis,royal jelly and wax.

Innovative developments based on bee products:

Honey Elixir - Powerful natural immune booster based on the unique combination of different bee products. Restores the body with a high level of physical and mental fatigue. Increases the body's immunity.

Honey with tahini - Anti-osteoporosis - bone density increases. Its use improves the gastric mucosa, it is recommended for adolescents as it increases bone density, which is capital for life.

Honey with dried fruit and nuts - Food for the brain. Source of vitamins and "Omega3" acids.

Honey with cinnamon, apple pectin and Shipkovo flour - Unique combination has beneficial effects in various endocrine problems. Recommended for diabetes, gallbladder and liver problems, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure. Improves the functions of the colon.

Honey with rose petals - Natural antioxidant and aphrodisiac.

2) Bee Cosmetics

Deep regenerating cream "Beautiful Sunset" - An unique combination of herbal extracts,bee products and fragrances. Without preservatives. Suitable for people,exhibiting allergic reaktions of mass beauty products. It nourishes the skin deeply, reduces wrinkles, removes stains and gives a different character,visible radiance and freshness to the skin.

Bio healing cream "Mirela" - a broad bio unpreserved cream designed to combat acne and seborrhea (compatible with ayrozola). Can be used as a balm enhancing elasticity and regenerative ability of the skin.

Aerosol anti-acne and seborrhea "Mirela".

Spray against fungal diseases of the feet.

Anti-allergic soap-made from bee products,based on vegetable oils and herbs. Suitable for all skin types, preventing allergic reactions of mainstream soaps.

30% propolis tincture - Broad spectrum of antibacterial activity. Known is its positive impact on digestive tract problems. Preventive and curative activity against periodontal and sores, and many others.

Propoli-wax patch - responds well to treatment spurs, swollen joints, reduced joint pain different. Recommended for disc hernia, radiculitis and inflammation of nerve roots. Used repeatedly.

Propoli-wax vaseline- reduces pain spikes, varicose veins, burns, hemorrhoids, psoriasis and other skin injuries.

Product "Magic oil" - a combination of propolis and herbal oils. It is recommended for treatment of open wounds, bruises, sprains, dislocations, sports injuries. Prevents scars,caused by burns. Reduces severity of various neuralgic pains.

Aerosol for Sorth Throat - cough, runny nose, sore throat and pharyngitis.